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Allplates CNC Punching

innovation - Precision - Quality

State Of The Art CNC Punching

Allplates offers fully automated CNC Punching which allows the manufacturing of simple to complex flat steel parts for a broad range of industries.

With Allplates, punching is much more than just making holes in sheet metal. We utilise the best possible Trumpf punching machines which are more than capable of forming, steps, beads, strips or threads.

The Allplates difference

With the added benefit of using a fully automated loading/unloading system allowing the machinery to run virtually unmanned, we  reduce costs and pass the savings on to our customers.

Anything is possible with our punching machines so why not contact one of our team members to discuss your next project.

The Allplates Process

We Determine Your Requirements
Step 1
We Work Out & Draft a Tailored Solution
Step 2
We Process & Manufacture Your Project
Step 3
We Deliver Your Project To You Door
Step 4

Contact Us To Discuss How We Can Help You

Get In Touch

Simply CLICK HERE and email us any CAD type file or forward us a sketch and one of our 3D Designers will design your part for you.